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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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members, it was james. >> and did they give that information that appears in this application? >> he is aware. >> he says under item three, he is going to have in-house security, is he aware that he has to register with the state of california in order to do that and take, you know, does he, and could you ask him that? >> yes. >> they are licensed and he is aware of that. >> he is aware that he has to register? >> yes. >> i am curious to know if his or if there is no crowd problems, and the bar is, you know, on the really quite calm,
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why does he feel like he is going to do pat downs and back checks? why does he feel that he needs to do that? >> as far as checking people at the door? >> yeah, pat downs and bag checks is what it says here. >> okay. >> i am using his words. >> he said that they already do it as part of the security guards, they pat people down just to check the bags. >> that was an ongoing process. >> yes. >> okay, great. >> and then if he has no designating smoking area, does he just assume that people are going to go to the curb and smoke? >> they just go outside to smoke, in front of the bar. he does not have a designated area to smoke, everyone just
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goes outside to smoke. >> all right and then there is a question that says, how will you deal with associated noise issues? and he wrote, we will control the music level. what about other issues like people making noise when they leave the bar? or, when they come to the bar? how does he intend on dealing with those issues? >> he will just approach them nicely, you know, he will let them know to keep it down, because it is a neighborhood bar, you know, there are people living around the area and he will just tell them to leave, or he will call a cab for them. or if they are too intoxicated. >> okay, thank you.
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>> commissioner hyde? and commissioner akers? >> so, four months you have owned the bar? four months? >> yes. >> and have these, or is this the first time that you have owned a bar? >> yes. >> okay. so, i just want to say, like, i heard try as much as he can, i think in [ speaking in a foreign language ] all of the time, 100 percent, okay? because you have to take the neighborhood into consideration, and we are a denser city and it must be [ speaking in a foreign language ] always. to do it, no, you have to have your security patrolling. and then, it also said that you have not done any neighborhood
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out reach? okay. he has looking into that right now. he has had his clients and they have been coming there for 30 years. and pretty much reach out and bright letters to you guys. >> it is a new, it is a new owner, correct? taking over a new job. and one of the biggest problems that the night life has is integrating into the neighborhood that surrounds it. and even though i heard at a meeting not related to this issue, that things are actually better as far as the teravel police new with the new owner. >> angelside. >> i always say the wrong one. the thing is to integrate a business, into a neighborhood, you have to do the community out reach. and that sets you up to do your
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best. and to be someone who is supported by the community. and allows you to work with them so that when changes are needed, that there are people there to support you in those changes, it is not just a punishment. >> so, that needs to happen, and that is really you know, for all of you, to have the best benefits. okay? you can go to our website to find the neighborhood links in your area. >> that has to be done. >> okay.
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>> sure,. >> commissioner akers? >> how frequently do your bartenders refuse patron's alcohol, and stop serving them after they reach intoxication levels? >> conditions? >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> they will just refuse to serve them alcohol, you know, they will give them coffee or water. >> how frequently? >> how often does that occur? >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> usually on the weekends. >> okay. >> and because some of the community complaints that we are looking at from the immediate neighbors is
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complaints about patrons urineating in the driveway and that implies that people are way overly intoxicated in or there is not enough access to the bathrooms or i am not sure what. have you been in direct communication with any of your neighbors about the complaints that they are having with your patrons? how do you guys actively monitor your patrons outside of your building?
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>> they are coming from the other block, they are not leaving the bar. >> he said that the security guard tries to patrol the area and makes sure that everyone is okay and he will clean up the cigar butts, that the people go outside and smoke. and he has tried to reach out to a few neighbors in the area, and but since he has been there, there has been one incident as far as he knows. >> one of the complaints is that there is a language barrier, with some of the neighbors who i guess are
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english speaking and that there is, and it is mono lingual spanish speaking staff and that is probably heightening the tension between you and the community next to you. so, what is your plan for addressing that, and what is your plan for addressing, because, it seems like these reports are more than one incident of people vomiting and urineating in their doorway and they are blaming you, they are blaming your bar. so how do you plan to address that both of those? the language and the behavior of the patrons as they leave? >> his business parter speaks
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english and he was going to have a meeting they are going to sit down and he could not be here today. they are going to try to do community out reach and you know, the neighbors, try to reach out to them and you know, i am just going to go over this with him after. but he plans on reaching over to his business partner.
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so providing a number to the neighbors where they can, or somebody who speaks english or if they can talk to, >> right. >> would you consider your bar, a neighborhood bar with regular patrons? , the same faces, the familiar faces that you see frequently? >> yes. >> he considers it a neighborhood bar and it is open to everyone. >> so the complaints imply to me that people are being overly over served beyond enebriation in other words, they are shit-faced drunk, and so maybe
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building more relationships with your patron and talking about appropriate behavior outside of bart and putting up the signs and having the communication with your neighbors and trying to work with them because those types of nuisance can heighten people's annoyance with your bar so that even the sound becomes unbearable, do you see what i am saying? you need to start working with all areas and making sure that you are responsible for cleaning up a certain amount of area outside of your door. so, >> yeah. 100 feet. so, i don't know if..., we have a good neighbor policy. >> we do. >> yeah, in spanish. >> and yeah. >> and yeah, because the phone is on, the good neighbor. >> are you aware of our good neighbor policy? have you seen that? >> just took over and he is
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trying to have the, and the old, owner he was good friends with the old owners and so she kind of, you know, they have been talking and she kind of explained to him, you know, she was there for about 30 years, so, they have had a little talk. >> commissioners, if i may interject. the good neighbor policy is a part of every permit because he has not been granted a permit, he may not have a copy, like a recent copy, we just recently had it translated into spanish that he will get a copy of. >> the neighbors have the contact information here and can you set up the time to
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actually speak with them and see how you can eliminate some of those problems? >> he is willing to meet up with them, and speak to them, you know, about the issue. >> okay, great. >> commissioner joseph? >> i just want to, you said that he was good friends with the old owner. and then he has never owned a bar before,; is that correct?? >> yeah. >> so, please correct me if i am wrong, but isn't it true that the old owner was brought before us, because of the neighbor complaints? and they were quite extensive, everything, you know? and we had the old owner before us here, and he was very arrogant about his and he believed that he had a right to play music as loud as he wanted or to do, and my recollections
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are that that was true? >> well, so i can speak to him and having them in front of you, and it looks like we asked them to appear on february 28th, 2012, and as far as the demeanor, i can't remember. >> okay. >> i apologize, i have to look at the video. >> so, if his experience in running this bar, is the way that the old owner ran it, then there is a problem. and you know, this commission always thinks that a new owner is like a fresh start. it is a new way of communicating to the neighborhood. it is a new way of operating the business. it is something new and different, someone could look forward to change. but, if his experience and since he has no experience running a bar, and if his only experience running this bar was the behavior of the old owner, then i have reservations about his ability to run the bar.
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so, i would like him to tell me, how he is going to operate it differently than the old owner operated it. and i hear you saying that he is going to try to do this and try to do that but i think, he has to say, what he is actually going to do. not what he is going to try to do. what district is this? >> is this in eleven?
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>> okay. >> he is trying to keep it more organized as far as his employees and staff, and bartenders and he said that maybe in the near future he will get another security guard just to have, you know, more, another security guard, and maybe one inside and one outside, just to so that td the issue that happened for the people urineating and throwing up, and he plans ongoing by the book of the rules. if it is, you know, the music, turned down, and cut it down for three days, instead of five days, and he plans to reach out to the neighborhood. and do the community out reach.
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pretty much have the neighborhood, or the neighbors that talked to you guys and plans on sitting down with the people that have been explaining and have the meeting with them and see how they can see what he can do to help them, you know, not complaint about the bar. >> thank you. >> could i ask another question to the staff? do we have the conditions that we placed on the previous owner? >> yeah, i can... i can pull their permits. >> okay. >> and real quick. >> commissioner lee. >> i have a question, and since he has not been, you know, a bar owner before, can he tell me why he even wants to even bother to get into this business especially at this venue with this many issues going on with the neighbors? i am just curious does he know what he is getting himself into?
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>> he just wants to have the experience of owning a bar and he plans on doing a study and taking his bartenders through training and he wants a new experience. >> has he been in the food and beverage has he worked in food and beverage at a hotel or any kind of what is his background, i am just curious. he is an owner of a jewelry
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shop. and that pretty much his background and it is something different for him but he just wants the new experience, as far as being a bar owner. >> so he understands that he is inherited, you know, it could be a good business but he is also inheriting some issues. >> yeah. >> and i guess that you know, we always want to give credit to new owners but hopefully that they will make the change and be willing to do whatever it takes to make this business run along with what the neighbors want. and the law enforcement want. >> he is willing to follow the rules and pretty much just go
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by the rules. >> all right. it looks like we have one last question and actually i would like to bring the police up and we can ask more questions after that. >> hi there, my question is twot security guards, did he hire them or they new or did they work for the previous owner as well? e
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>> i am the permit officer and the admin sergeant. and the eagle side permit offices conducted its statistical assessment with the crimes occurring within 500 feet of the premises, and these compare it to the previous owner by comparing the crimes plausibly related to alcohol, served at an accomplishment venue within a three-month time frame. from day one of the office and the temporary permit granted september 24th to the end of a three month window on december, 24, when compared to a three month time frame, to the previous establishment, the crime, under it for that area under a 500 foot radius has gone down 20 percent. and within a 250 foot, in either direction, along mission street it has gone down 40
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percent. >> it has gone down? >> although the numbers suggest a marginal improvement, the station is committed to the area's steady improvement and only through the businesses acknowledged responsibility to its neighbors and sufficient stimulations attached to the permit, can the san francisco police department insure that they will play an active role in those improvements. accordingly, the station strongly supports the 15 recommendations be added to the conditions of the permit.
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>> they suggest that the hours be changed to one a.m. and we are open to that provided that no noise will be audible beyond the area under the control of the license, as defined in that section. and as long as it is not audible outside of the premises, and as required by abc and then, that is fine with us. >> we do share it with the blocks that are currently under investigation with the police department. ironically, their model, which is for security, among them, and the model, among them which is bright lights and cameras. so that you can see the conduct
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of the patrons outside of the establishment. it shared by the cross marijuana or canibus dispensary like five doors down and it is through their and i believe that it is through the required stipulations for both of these premises that the crime is actually started to get better in that area and it is not perfect and it can continue to get better and we are, and we are taking a good look at these other two places. but i think that they have made a strong effort so far. >> we have questions, i believe and i will start with commissioner hyde. >> i have two questions, the first one you may not know about lee, and someone else said, there was another situation that i was at recently, where certain employees did not feel they
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could go and get lead training because they do not have american citizenship >> and the second one that i wanted to know is how many other types of or is there a lot of off-sale, like buy a beer in a bag and is there a lot of that sort of liquor around there in that neighborhood? >> in the neighborhood? >> like liquor stores? >> no, not on that block. within, maybe, three blocks, that is quite a distance. but...
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>> okay. >> commissioner joseph? >> while you are standing there, do you have the abc conditions. >> unfortunately i am not prepared for that and i can tell you that generally off of the top of my head, when the transfer was ordered, as a person to person, and look at the complaints that were coming in and most were specific to the noise. and some public intoxication. and having said that, that was automatically kicked back to the conducted investigation and it is nothing major that was warranted a disorderly house for us to do at the alu at that point in time. >> i do believe that there were some protestors on file with the abc and i believe, once again, the conditions that sergeant turner has applied here will mitigate some of those concerns.
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>> sergeant turner, your conditions mirror many of our good neighbor policy, which are conditions of the permit. >> right. >> so, i don't take any offense, but, when we rule he will ask them for them to strike because they are redundant. >> one of the reasons that they become mandatory conditions, is so that if anybody chooses not to follow those regulations or strike them as it were, it would be the entertainment commission and not the owner. >> they are conditions of the permit. they are, like, for instance, let me give you an example.
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item 4, is a sound check, will be conducted to establish that the adequate sound proofing is m place. >> you can't get the permit from us without a sound check, so that is, you know, that is not even a can be, you can't even get the permit without that >> these are exactly the same and i don't know if you have the copy of ours. >> i am familiar with the good neighbor policy and these were set up in accord with that good neighbor >> right. >> but they are redundant, and they are twice the same conditions. >> so. >> and in other words,. >> so long as... and i have
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been doing this for maybe three months. but, it sounds to me like it is so long as those conditions are enforcable. and then, >> we will have no problem and i can go in the bar and say that you are in violation and i am shutting down the bar. >> the good neighbor policies are part of a condition, of the permit, however, we are the entertainment commission, and we do not permit anything other than entertainment. and in the case of this permit, we also permit pool tables and mechanical and amusements, if they are in violation of the good neighbor policy, all that you can do is stop the entertainment, and that would not give you license to close down the bar. and so in other words, we don't license his ability to be a bar, that would be the abc. but what we license is the entertainment. what we check on


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